Time to treat Putin’s energy exports as blood diamonds
Letter to FT from Sergiy Maslichenko and Richard Stoneman
Sustainable finance in a post-war environment
Key messages from Sergiy Maslichenko at Sustainable Finance Forum
Investment Dream Team. A pooling of capital and expertise.
Five prominent Ukrainian entrepreneurs and investment bankers launch a large private equity fund with...
BlackRock’s New Climate Finance Vehicle Draws $673 Million
BlackRock raised $673m in funding to invest in climate infrastructure in emerging markets
Bill Gates says climate tech will produce 8 to 10 Teslas, a Google, an Amazon and a Microsoft
It's "like the early days of software and computing"
A new platform on green financing will be created in Ukraine
More efforts and coordination are needed to mobilise green financing for implementation of Ukraine's...
£16 billion sub-sea project to bring green power from Morocco to Great Britain
3,800km long sub-sea cables will connect solar and wind power from Morocco with British homes
UK has issued its first ever sovereign green bond
£10 billion bond attracted more than £100 billion of orders, an all-time high for both UK and the global...
Rich nations fail to meet climate funding goal
Developed nations made very little progress toward their goal of providing $100 billion a year to help...
Boom in ClimateTech investments
Climate Tech VC reported on the explosion of activity in ClimateTech investing

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