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A Blueprint for the Reconstruction of Ukraine
An overview of a possible post-war reconstruction project for Ukraine
A New Report on Blended finance for scaling up climate and nature investments
The climate crisis and biodiversity loss demand urgent action. The world needs investment into a greener...
The evolution of residential PV in China
China is the largest residential PV market in the world with 30 GW already installed
Solar panels on half the world's roofs could meet its entire power demand
The study founds that we would only need 50% of the world’s rooftops to be covered with solar panels...
Carbon is your company’s biggest financial liability
An excellent article at HBR on the necessity to consider a “shadow carbon pricing” when making investment...
Energy stocks are on the rise and well positioned to generate big returns
Energy crisis has caused a hike in demand and prices for all energy resources
IEA's Key Milestones in Pathway to Net Zero
IEA released a special report "Net Zero by 2050: a Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector"
Decarbonizing Toughest Sectors Profitably
Cutting carbon emissions from harder-to-abate sectors like heavy transport and industrial heat will create...
Global Sustainable Debt data
Interesting data on global sustainable debt from BloombergNEF

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