Climate Finance and CleanTech

Decarbonizing Our Toughest Sectors — Profitably, by Amory Lovins, RMI

“Serious entrepreneurs and smart investors understand climate change is bad for business and bad for the planet. New classes of solutions can now make climate solutions create trillions of dollars in durable value.”

Very interesting paper by energy guru Amory Lovins on how cutting carbon emissions from harder-to-abate sectors can create new strategic opportunities for business.

  1. Rapidly scale green technologies to outcompete legacy rivals and supplant obsolete technology assets.
  2. Create novel incentives and business models that reward innovative competitors challenging incumbent industries with breakthrough technologies.
  3. Integrate new design methods, technologies, materials, and manufacturing techniques to disrupt legacy industrial ecosystems.
  4. Relocate basic materials industries using cheaper production unlocked by clean energy.
  5. Harmonize customers’ and providers’ incentives by rewarding frugal structural design and “servitizing” basic materials.

Link to the paper

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Climate Finance and CleanTech